Foreward By Robert G. Allen

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For years I have been writing, speaking and teaching about how anyone can build up wealth through real estate investments.  And it’s true. Anyone can.

I met John Lee a few years ago and have been impressed with his acumen when it comes to money and investments. Some people just have a knack for it, and John is one of them.

When John first approached me and told me that he had written a book about the methods he has used in his successful real-estate investment ventures, I was intrigued. Everyone brings their own personal style to the methods that I teach and I was interested to see how John would present his take on it.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading his work.  John has picked up a lot of information while attending several real-estate seminars, reading books, networking and basically picking up knowledge from every source available to him.  From the things he has learned from various investors and real-estate gurus, he has created a hybrid of the methods and ideas and developed it into his own personal style of approaching the real-estate investment market.

In this book, John shares and explains his methods in a clear, easy-to-understand narrative that literally anyone can follow. I particularly appreciate the ways that John has adjusted and adapted his methods to meet changes in the real-estate market and technological advances.

John is the Dealionaire. There is nobody that you know who has bought more properties than him. Thousands of little deals.  I am excited about John. He has an incredible concept in Real Estate. There is only one Deal’ionare in the world and that is John Lee. You need to go to the workshop that John is teaching. It is remarkable.

There is absolutely money to be made in the world of real estate. John and I both know it and we want you to know it too.

The Best to Your Success and Your Investments.

Robert G. Allen, New York Times – Five Time #1 Selling Author


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