Discover NonWanters

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“Things don’t turn up in this world until someone turns them up.” ~James A. Garfield

Do you want to know where to get real estate for little or no money? I will show you. You simply must find someone who needs help. You must solve their problem. Those who will give you their real estate for a couple of dollars or for free have a problem. And yes, some are free. More on this soon.

The first step 🗝 to becoming a Dealionaire™ is to Discover the deals and finding what we call NonWanters. So, what is a NonWanter, and where do you find them? NonWanters do not want their real estate. First, we’ll look at why they are NonWanters. Then, we’ll discover where to find them.

Why would anyone give you their real estate for little or no money? There are many reasons. And yes, I have gotten many properties for free. Although it may sound unbelievable, it’s not.

The answer to why anyone would give you their ownership in real estate is very simple. They don’t want it right now. They need help. A for-sale sign is a help wanted sign. Many do not know what to do and need your help.

Learn from Those Who Have Already Done It

Fact: What has taken me decades to sift, sort, separate, and systemize, you will know very quickly. Simplification is one of the most mission-critical things I have learned along my journey, and you can too.

I have learned from some of the best trainers, mentors, and implementers on the planet, including such superstars as Jennifer Hammond, Robert G. Allen, T. Harv Eker, and Joel Bauer.

My system comes from techniques I have learned over many years. By reading this book, you can discover these same techniques quickly and painlessly. I learned many lessons the hard way. However, they do not require any special or unique talents, so they are easily transferable to you. I want you to be independent and not codependent.

You will learn this system through my simple three-step system, proven and guaranteed, right here. You’ll learn where to discover these deals and how to design and deploy small real estate deals. You can apply these same techniques to scale up you your larger deals…

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