Three Biggest Lies that New Investors Believe

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What are the three of the biggest lies that new and experienced real estate investors believe?

1) πŸ™‰ It Takes Money to Make Money.
It does not take money to money in real estate. It takes creativity. The money is in the deal. When you find a good deal, the money will find you. Many new, and also seasoned, investors think they must have their money and financing set up before they go and find a deal. No. Go find the deal. When you truly have a deal, the money will find you!

2) πŸ™ˆ There’s No Money to be Made in ‘This’ Market.
There’s money to be made in every market. It does not make any difference if the real estate prices are going up or going down. Are there always NonWanters? Yes, there are always people that want or need to get rid of their property. There are so many reasons including divorce, deaths, and disasters of all kinds. As a result, when you approach things with a problem solving view point, you’ll have opportunities that others will not. For more on NonWanters go to Secrets to Start Wholesaling Real Estate Today 🏠

3) πŸ™Š I “Know” That!
These are three of the most powerful and many times damaging words that we tell ourselves. When we say or think those three little words, our subconscious seems to shut down our brains. We may be missing a valuable strategy or nugget that just might make all the difference for us. And by remaining open minded, being present, and really listening to what the lesson is, we can continue to grow into our potentially exponential future.

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