“Your Gateway to Real Estate Education that Does Not Break~the~Bank.”

~John Lee, bestselling author of Secrets of a Dealionaire

Creating wealth one small deal at a time

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Secrets of a Dealionaire

The secrets and strategies John shares are unique and priceless. He has simplified processes that can be very complicated.

The information you need to get started in small deals that can make you a handsome profit is in this book. Lots of small deals can change your life.


Secrets THOSE Credit Doctors Don’t Want YOU to Know

7 Simple Steps to a Higher Credit Score & Avoiding a Debt Sentence

Most of the information contained in these books has come from experience, i.e. blood, sweat, tears, trials and errors. What started off as a necessity from my own circumstances, turned into a lifetime quest to help others obtain financial intelligence in regards to their credit. There seems to be a lack of good information when it comes to your financial and credit well- being. It is my intent to provide you with good information that you will be able to apply to your own situation and betterment. Just by opening these pages you are taking a very important and giant step towards upgrading your life. Regardless of where you are currently there is always room for improvement. Our hope is that our experiences will be beneficial for you. Thank you for taking the time to increase your education and understanding of Secrets THOSE Credit Doctors Don’t Want YOU to Know.

This book contains the truth that Those Credit Doctors try to shroud-in-mystery. If You want to increase Your credit score, have been denied credit, have impaired or no credit, then this is for You! You will know as much as Those Credit Doctors - Very Easily and You will save hundreds and thousands of dollars for the rest of Your life!

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The Myth - Being a Landlord is great with all that easy, passive income.

The Truth - Bankers collect easily and Don't deal with Toilets, Trash or Tenants.

Lee reveals cutting edge strategies in his new book showing you how to reduce stress and increase your bottom line exponentially by turning your Landlord Pennies into Banker Dollars.

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People hire John Lee to speak because:

John Lee’s audiences are energized and driven to explore options never before considered.

The far-reaching impact of the knowledge John Lee has attained through his real-world experiences helps others approach challenges in new and exciting ways.

John Lee provides useful tips for creative problem solving. His audiences can learn to take fresh views on old problems so that they can tackle any challenge and see real results.

Personal Training Sessions

John Lee currently holds the Deal’ionaire OTC Summit twice a year. This event is two full days and is strictly limited to a very small, intimate group of people.

The Deal’ionaire OTC Summit is tremendously popular not only because of the depth of the hands on training; it also includes a piece of real estate for our V.I.P’s.


About John Lee

While actively investing in real estate for 25+ years now, John Lee is also a speaker, trainer and author. He is not only a master at owner and creative financing; he’s a huge advocate for your personal education and self-empowerment.

Lee’s Dealionaire philosophy: There’s always a way to make a win/win situation no matter what the circumstance.

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