“🗝 Your Gateway to Specialized Real Estate Investing Strategies that Do Not Break~the~Bank.”

~John Lee, bestselling author of Secrets of a Dealionaire™

Secrets of a Dealionaire REVISITED

What this book will do for you.

Besides the proprietary education, you’ll also be awarded some complimentary gifts that are only available to you who have access to this system. Many contain mini-trainings and other high-level nuggets of information keeping in mind the novice as well as the veteran. I consider myself both, as I continue to learn and grow.

On the one hand I am a veteran having learned most of what I have learned in the trenches, the hard way. When I finally got serious, I read a couple of books, got some advanced training, and found a mentor. Then things started to make sense. And things became much clearer and easier.


I found a couple of people that kind of did what I wanted to do. I learned a lot from a book that changed my life. Nothing Down by Robert G. Allen, resonated with me because that about fit my budget and what is what I had to work with. Nothing to put down.

Bob talked about dozens of strategies that I could use with none of my own money. I was amazed at what I could actually learn in a book and apply it to my own situation.

Robert became my mentor. Bob and I are still good friends. He is still my mentor. And there’s someone out there for you. A mentor is the way most of us learn the quickest. Just keep in mind there is a difference between a mentor and a friend. Hire a mentor to accelerate your life. If you just want to talk and go on to the next shiny object, get a friend. Either way can be educational. Your mentor can potentially save you years of time and thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money.

My life’s work is in the next few pages. You are going to know what has taking me decades to learn, in a very short time. You are about to discover how easy it is to buy real estate for two hundred bucks. All real estate? No. There are many and you’ll soon know how.

Many have asked, “John, do you still teach advanced specialized trainings and workshops?” My answer is, “Yes for a few.” It’s by application only. The last few years I have had a couple of classes. It is by application only. That is to insure we are compatible to work with each other and is never personal to those that may get refunded.  

You will get everything you need in this book. What I’m about to reveal is all you need. All you need to know to buy a parcel of real estate for a couple of hundred dollars. What you do from here is up to you.

Some of you will take this information to buy a camping, building or recreation lot for your family’s enjoyment and future betterment. Some of you will take this education and start investing in real estate with little or no money. 

Many of you will take this education and begin investing in real estate. And some of you will take this system to escalate your current real estate business. You’re ready to simply scale your business and go to the next level. This system is designed with all three in mind.

Whatever your inspiration for being here, thank you. You’re here for the right reasons and it’s good to have you! I’m happy to show what you can do today, to acquire real estate with little or no money. 

Just about everyone enjoys real estate with little or no money down. The key to this system as well as any system you choose, is to follow the steps and take action. Always remember that no action is an action step. If you’re like me, you have at some other time in your life, thought you needed to know everything before you could do anything, don’t do that. You learn as you go. I still do and so do you.

Take these simple these steps, do a deal, and learn from it. I have never regretted what I have learned from any of these little deals, and neither will you. You will save years off the Learning curve, dropping the ‘L’ and entering the Earning curve much sooner than doing it on your own.

Enjoy the easy process of buying real estate for profit and/or personal use. You will receive some gifts throughout the book. It’s my way of giving back, sharing what I have learned that can easily be passed on to you.

When you want to know more about the Dealionaire application process, send it to me at theDeaionaire@gmail.com 

The Very Best to You and Your Success!

John Lee

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People hire John Lee to speak because:

John Lee’s audiences are energized and driven to explore options never before considered.

The far-reaching impact of the knowledge John Lee has attained through his real-world experiences helps others approach challenges in new and exciting ways.

John Lee provides useful tips for creative problem solving. His audiences can learn to take fresh views on old problems so that they can tackle any challenge and see real results.

Personal Training Sessions

John Lee currently holds the Dealionaire OTC Summit twice a year. This event is two full days and is strictly limited to a very small, intimate group of people.

The Dealionaire OTC Summit is tremendously popular not only because of the depth of the hands on training; it also includes a piece of real estate for our V.I.P’s.


About John Lee

While actively investing in real estate for 25+ years now, John Lee is also a speaker, trainer and author. He is not only a master at owner and creative financing; he’s a huge advocate for your personal education and self-empowerment.

Lee’s Dealionaire philosophy: There’s always a way to make a win/win situation no matter what the circumstance.

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