Who is John Lee?

John Lee has 25+ years experience in unique, unconventional real estate investing. He’s an expert at turning $200 into $2,000 with about 2 hours worth of work. He has a way of making owner financing easy for you.

John continually promotes education as the very best investment you can make in yourself. He has a way of sharing, what can be, complicated investment strategies, that he has simplified for you.

Lee is constantly sharing education with others that DOES NOT BREAK the BANK! This is apparent in all he shares, including his podcast and live events.

He has been featured numerous times nationally on SiriusXM 126 Urban View – “Jennifer Hammond Show” and KTRS 55 “This Week in Real Estate with Terry Hall.” In addition, he also volunteers for The not-for-profit STLREIA, practicing what he preaches.

John’s a national speaker, trainer and author of many international best selling books including, Secrets of a Dealionaire, Landlord Pennies to Banker Dollars and Secrets Those Credit Doctors Don’t Want You to Know.

Lee’s Dealionaire philosophy: There’s always a way to make a win/win situation no matter what the circumstance. He promotes nontraditional real estate education without you having to break the bank.

Audiences love John because of the unique, unconventional way he simplifies and explains complicated processes so anyone can understand them. He truly believes anyone can succeed with small deals and just a little knowhow.

Lee is very real and down to earth and likes to build things from the ground up. He is very good at showing others how to create massive portfolios from small deals, even when their credit is not-so-good and they have not-so-much money.

John is constantly being contacted for more information on the Dealionaire OTC system. And, it’s because they want to discover how to enrich their own lives through small simple real estate deals. Most of us, like Lee, want to spend more time doing things we want and more time with our loved ones.

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